Birds of Singapore Checklist 2021 Edition.

The 2021 edition of the NSS Bird Group Checklist is attached for your reference.

There are no changes to the order and number of species, 407, as the one attached in the Bird Records Committee Report (Jan 2021), except for the corrected scientific names of 12 species namely Slaty-breasted Rail, Baillon’s, Ruddy-breasted, Band-bellied and White-browed Crakes, Black-and-white, Black-headed and Black-crested Bulbuls, Chestnut-winged, Pin-striped Tit, Short-tailed and White-chested Babblers, following IOC Version 10.2.

The names of Red Collared Dove and Barred Eagle-owl have also been updated while the status of Himalayan Vulture is now a Non-breeding Visitor.

White-browed Crake Poliolimnas cinereus, uncommon breeding resident.

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