The Bird Group (BG) is a Special Interest Group of the Nature Society (Singapore) (NSS). The Group was inaugurated in 1986 when NSS was the Singapore Branch of the Malayan Nature Society. However, it was a transition from the former MNS Singapore Bird Study Group, which was active in the ’70s.

In 1991, the Nature Society (Singapore) emerged from MNS with the Bird Group firmly established to oversee the claims of birds being recorded in Singapore and publish the records in the ‘Singapore Avifauna’.

The Bird Group and the Conservation Committee submitted a proposal plan to the Singapore Government in 1987, in which Singapore’s first bird sanctuary, Sungei Buloh Nature Park, was officially opened in 1991.

Our Vision:

NSS Bird Group – the leading establishment in Singapore ornithology.

Our Mission:

  • To save every natural wildlife and bird habitat in Singapore.
  • Partnership in co-operation with international NGOs in efforts of global and regional bird conservation; as a partner of Birdlife International.
  • Promote birdwatching as a hobby and a healthy lifestyle to every Singaporean.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Marjorie Chong

    Hi there’s a very sweet bird call in Seletar that I’d like to identify. Can someone help? Pls provide email so I can send voice clip 🙂 Thks, Marjorie


  2. Kyoko Yoshino

    Hi my name is Kyoko working for the Japanese TV. My client is planning to make a documentary focus on Taylor Bird. Beside of Sungei Buloh, where else can we find the bird when they are making their nest? can you please contact me? Thank you! Kyoko


    1. Alan OwYong Post author

      Hi Kyoko Yoshino-san. Thank you for your email. We have 4 species of tailorbirds in Singapore.
      The one at Sungei Buloh is the Ashy Tailorbird. The other three can be found in the secondary forest (Dark-necked), abandoned woodlands (Rufous-tailed) Parks and Gardens ( Common). The easiest to find is the Common Tailorbird. The problem is finding them at the start of the building process. Most of the time we get to see the completed nest with either eggs or chicks inside.


  3. Keri

    Hi, I have a very loud knocking noise outside most nights in my neighbourhood – I’m sure it’s a night jar of sorts!
    Can I also send the clip to you Alan? I;ve been scouring the internet to try and identify this noisy bird!


    1. Alan OwYong Post author

      Hi Kerry.
      You are right. It is the call of the Large-tailed Nightjar, our most common nightjar here. They normally stop calling after a while. As they ear flying insects they are important to the ecosystem by keeping the population under control.


  4. Julie

    Hi, I have spotted a raptor flying around the River Valley area the last 2 days, I have a couple of photographs but I can’t identify if it is a honey buzzard or a hawk, is there someone who would be able to do this?


  5. bryxnj

    Hi, I am an architecture student and currently doing a project on Coney island at Punggol. My question isn’t directly about the birds but may I inquire your views on bird hides? What are some of the difficulties/ challenges you face with them? Do they work as functionally as you’d hope? Your kind feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Would love to hear more as well if you have any personal inputs.



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