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Nesting Pacific Swallows at a Housing Estate

Nesting of Pacific Swallows in a Housing Estate.

Contributed by Timothy Chua Jia Yao.

On the 21st of June, I came across a untidy nest built on the protruding sanitation pipes under a block of flats at Stagmont Park.

Pacific Swallows 3 Timothy Chua

The nest was made with dry leaves, grasses and fibers bind together with mud.

Pacific Swallows Timothy Chua

There were three chicks in the nest belonging to a pair of Pacific Swallows, Hrundo tahitica, a very common resident in Singapore.

They looked to have hatched about a week ago. The residents there told me that they have been using this site for the past few years.

This tally with the nesting report in The Avifauna of Singapore (Lim Kim Seng 2009) of a pair of Pacific Swallows using the same site at void deck at Woodlands for five years

Alan OwYong told me that we do not get many nesting records here and that I should monitor the nesting.

When I went back to check on them on the next day only one chick was in the nest. The other had fledged and was on the ground near to the nest.The parent was looking after and feeding it.

The remaining chick fledged last Sunday 26th. I also found the third chick on the floor below the nest, dead. It may have dropped out of the nest or maybe pushed out by its siblings before it can fly. Two out of three is not bad. Within days of fledgling, the family was not around anymore. The chicks must have grown up fast and learn to fend for themselves early, an instinctive survival strategy against would be predators.