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Birdwatching at Kranji Marshes 19.2.17

Birdwatching at Kranji Marshes on Sunday, 19 Feb 2017


Members of Nature Society posing for a group photo at Kranji Marshes. Many thanks to Lee Ee Ling (squatting extreme right) for arranging and leading the walk, Yap Wee Jin ( squatting extreme left) and Wing Chong ( standing back left) for assisting. 

It was a cool and sunny Sunday morning when we arrived at the Kranji Marshes. A lush expense of greenery and cool waters greeted us when we stepped out of the bus. The hustle and bustle and noise of city life was replaced by the chipping sounds of birds all around. Everyone had their binoculars and cameras out ready for action when we started our walk at 8.15 am. This is one of the monthly walks to the core area of Kranji Marshes arranged by the Bird Group of the Nature Society (Singapore) with Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and National Parks Board. 


The family of Red-wattled Lapwings have made Kranji Marshes their permanent home.

As we proceeded into the core area, less common birds such as the Red Wattled Lapwing and Daurian Starling were spotted. However, the highlight and top sighting for the day was the appearance of two Watercocks.  


Highlight of the walk were the two Watercocks, a lifer for many of our members

Even though they only appeared for a brief moment, it was enough to make this trip worthwhile as they are uncommon winter visitor. A lifer for several members of the group who were obviously delighted with this sighting. ☺


Bird watching in one of the many hides ensured that the birds were not disturbed.

Despite a brief moment of apprehension on seeing some black clouds in the sky towards the tail end of our walk, the good weather prevailed and our time passed quickly.

More pictures of birds sighted at the Kranji Marshes. 

Resident Ashy Tailorbird, Baya Weaver and a winter visitor Daurian Starling 

We ended our walk at 11 am with a good haul of 35 species much to the delight of all those who choose to spend the Sunday morning at the largest fresh water marsh in Singapore. 


One of our many colorful Kingfishers, the White-throated poised for a catch.

Some additional information on our sightings:

Bird species sighted:                             Bird species heard:

1/ Purple Heron                                       1/ Yellow Bellied Prinia

2/ Javan Mynah                                        2/ Large Billed Crow

3/ Pink Necked Green Pigeon               3/ Collared Kingfisher

4/ Baya Weaver                                          4/ Common Iora

5/ Black Naped Oriole                              5/ Common Tailorbird

6/ Olive Backed Sunbird

7/ Common Flameback Woodpecker

8/ Red Breasted Parakeet

9/ Black Browed Reed Warbler

10/ Spotted Dove

11/ Red Wattled Lapwing

12/ Black Baza

13/ Lesser Coucal

14/ Blue Tailed Bee Eater

15/ Barn Swallow

16/ Long Tailed Parakeet

17/ Yellow Bittern

18/ Yellow Vented Bulbul

19/ Brahminy Kite

20/ Swifts

21/ Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker

22/ Daurian Starling

23/ WaterCock

24/ Brown Shrike

25/ Asian Glossy Starling

26/ Pied Fantail

27/ Common Kingfisher

28/ Lesser Whistling Ducks

29/ Grey Headed Fish Eagle

30/ White Throated Kingfisher

31/ Scarlet Backed Flowerpecker

32/ White Breasted Waterhen

33/ Intermediate Egret

34/ Ashy Tailorbird

35/ Oriental Dollarbird

All Bird photos : Courtesy of Henrietta Woo

Birdwatching leader : Lee Ee Ling

Assisted by : Wing Chong, Yap Wee Jin

Report by : Yap Wee Jin

NParks BioBlitz 2016

Contributed by Lim Kim Chuah, Chairman Bird Group. 12 March 2016.



Dr. Lena Chan Director of  National Biodiversity Center at Nparks officiating at the BioBlitz 2016.

NSS Bird Group participated in the SGBioBlitz event on 12 March 2016. This is the first time NParks is organizing this event and its part of NParks’ Citizen Science program. The event was held at Pasir Ris Park. The BioBlitz is an intensive biodiversity activity where experts work with members of the public to identify and count as many plants and animals in a 12 hour period from 12 am to 12 pm.

Briefing LKC

Lim Kim Keang briefing the participants for this morning’s bird survey.

The Bird Group was obviously focused on counting birds. We had 4 teams and each team counted in a designated sector of Pasir Ris Park. Kim Keang also led an early morning count that started at 4 am. A number of volunteers from the public also joined us in the count.


Lim Kim Chuah, Chairman of the Bird Group giving a summary of the birds seen this morning.


At the end of the event, we counted 58 species of birds excluding two unidentified species – swiftlet and a raptor. The 58 species represents about 37% of the park total – not bad for a brief 7-8 hour count!



Highlights of the count must be seeing the famous One-eyed Buffy Fish Owl roosting in the dense mangrove. Despite the loss of its left eye, this individual continues to thrive here. Another owl, the Spotted Wood Owl was heard early in the morning by Kim Keang but not seen despite a thorough search among its usual roosting trees. Other usual residents of the park were also seen including the Red Junglefowl, Oriental Pied Hornbill and many local songbirds like the Oriental Magpie Robin, Common Iora, Pied Triller, Pied Fantail, Olive-backed and Brown-throated Sunbird.


Migrants were also very conspicuous including 5-7 Oriental Pratincole, one Indian Cuckoo, several Arctic Warbler, Tiger Shrike and numerous Asian Brown Flycatcher. These birds were probably on their way back home in the north.


Brown Streaked or Dark-sided Flycatcher? on the Spring migration back

Overall, it had been a successful event and the Bird Group is proud to be part of this event. Thanks go to the leaders of the count including Low Choon How, Lee Ee Lin, Lim Kim Keang and Alan Owyong. Also special mention to Lim Kim Keang for coordinating and working with NParks to ensure that we have a successful count. Last but not least, to Alvin Seng, a “regular” of Pasir Ris Park for leading me in the count.

Red Jungle Fowl LKC

Red Jungle Fowl doing well here.

Bronzeback, Pink-necked Pigeons and Pied Triller. All photos by Lim Kim Chuah. 


Nature Society (Singapore) hosting the 6th Asian Bird Fair.


Group photo of the delegates representing their Bird Societies and Clubs. Photo: ABF.

The Nature Society (Singapore) hosted the 6th Asian Bird Fair at the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Botany Center over the weekend. The fair was declared opened by the Guest of Honor Senior Minister of State for National Development and Home Affairs Mr. Desmond Lee. 22 bird clubs, societies and affiliates came down to promote their country’s natural attractions and bird watching activities.


The start of the Mini Bird Race flagged off by Wing Chong the Chair of the Bird Group.

The Nature Society organised a series of nature walks for the public around the grounds of the Botanic Gardens to highlight this year Fair’s theme: “For People, For Nature, For Future”. The main event for Sunday was the Mini Bird Race for the delegates to see which team spotted the most number of bird species within 90 mins. We had two days of slide talks where the delegates presented snap shots of the bird life and nature conservation in their respective country.

Mike Lu

The crooners from the Nature Society (Singapore) getting the sing along started at the Fellowship Dinner. Photo by Mike Lu.

After the fair the delegates let their hair down with a sing along at the Fellowship dinner hosted by the NSS. The Crimson Sunbird was named as the National Bird of Singapore at the dinner based on a public vote in 2002. The Turnover Dinner on Sunday was more formal where Andrew Sebastian of the ABF announced that the Jingshan County Birdwatching Association will be next host for the 7th ABF in November 2016. Our congratulations to Jingshan.


Our honored guests from the Jingshan County Birdwatching Association and Cun Cao Xin Rural Environment Protection Agency.

12 delegates stayed back for a post birding tour led by Lim Kim Keang. They visited P. Ubin, Sungei Buloh, the Central Catchment Forest, Pasir Ris Park and Bidadari. The Spotted Wood Owl at Pasir Ris Park was the star bird for the tour.

The Fair at the Botany Center

The Fair at the Botany Center

Thanks to the clear skies and the hard work put in by the organising committee of the Society and the Bird Group headed by Willie Foo, the Fair was a great success judging from the compliments received from the delegates.

SMS Desmond Lee declaring the 6th ABF open.

SMS Desmond Lee declaring the 6th ABF open.

The Nature Society (Singapore) wish to thank The National Parks Board for the use of the Botany Center for the Fair, The Lee Foundation for their generous donation, The Public Utilities Board, Leica Camera Asia Pacific and Swarovski Optics for their sponsorship and support. Till we meet again in 2016.

The hosts with the logo for the 7th ABF with SMS Desmond Lee

The next host Jingshan County Birdwatching Association unveiled the logo for the 7th ABF with SMS Desmond Lee

Founding Members of the ABF

Founding Members of the ABF


Alex Tiongco and friends from the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines.

Our Friends from the Chinses Wild Bird Federation

Our Friends from the Chinses Wild Bird Federation with ABF’s Victor Yu.

Our friends from MNS and Sabah

Our friends from across the Causeway MNS and Sabah

6th ABF Sponsors Leica Camera Asia Pacific

6th ABF Sponsors Leica Camera Asia Pacific

Swarowski Optics - Long time Sponsors of the NSS Bird Group

Swarowski Optik – Long time Supporter of the NSS Bird Group