Singapore Bird Checklist

Below is the downloadable Singapore Bird Checklist in Microsoft Excel format, prepared by the Nature Society (Singapore) Bird Group

Singapore Checklist 2017 edition.

4 thoughts on “Singapore Bird Checklist

  1. Tejas

    I would like to know birds that could be spotted in punggol lor halus and in coney island. The checklist is awesome. Is it possible to put locations of possibilities where these birds can be spotted ?


    1. Alan OwYong Post author

      Unfortunately there were n tagging program for the areas you mentioned. The bird lists for these areas were complied based on historical records from various sources and reported sightings over the years.


  2. David Gibson

    Alan I will be Singapore for a week and looking for a private birding guide for the day on either December 5 or 6. I am prepared to pay for their time.
    Can you please suggest some one that may be available
    David Gibson



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