A Green Avadavat at Punggol Barat?

Green Avadavat Dean Tan

Contributed by Dean Tan 6 March 2016.

I went down to Punggol Barat to look for birds on a sunny Satursday (05 March 16) afternoon at 4pm when I came across this green avadavat. I had less than 3 seconds to shot, while it perch on a branch approx. 6m from away. I was shooting common waxbills while this avadavat chased away the waxbills and perch on the same branch.
Initially, I thought it was a female red avadavat and did not think much about it. Until I went home, downloaded the shots, which I taken in my PC when I noticed that it don has the white spots where the female Red Avadavat has on it’s wings.
Immediatelly, I checked out on the web and found that it was actually a Green Avadavat. Understand from Alan OwYong that this is another introduced species, that had not been recorded before. Many of these alien species may not adapt to our climate and habitat, but those that do may impact on our native species. It is best to stop if not minimize this type of invasion to safeguard our native birds.
Admin notes: It has been identified as the female Orange-breasted Waxbill by Ron Chew.

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