The Bird Group 2016 Agenda

Mount Imbiah Bird Trip 15 June 2014 for Sentosa Development Corporation.

Mount Imbiah Bird Trip 15 June 2014 for Sentosa Development Corporation, one of the many collaborations with SDC.

At the first committee meeting on 20 January 2016, the Chairman pledged to continue with the good work of the past committees.  The Bird Group will continue with the bi-monthly birding trips around Singapore and occasional talks. Trips to new sites like the Kranji Marshes will be organized. And pelagic trips around our coast will also be explored. The committee will also look at organising trips overseas to some of the popular regional destinations.

A key activity in the Bird Group calendar are the surveys and censuses. These censuses are important as they provide valuable data on the state of the bird density and diversity around Singapore. In the coming months, the group will be involved in the Annual, Mid Year and Fall Migration Bird Censuses. In addition, the group is also helping various government bodies like National Parks Board on surveys and censuses. There are also more “focussed” census like the Raptors and Parrot Counts. To better equip participants with the skills required, the group will be looking at conducting short birding courses and census techniques. The group will also bring back the popular basic birding courses.

A key focus area for group in the coming years is reaching out to the youth and kids. The Bird Group will collaborate closely with other groups within the society to explore how to further engage this group of the population.

The Bird Group understands that the local birding scene is changing and continues to morph. There has been an exponential increase in the number of bird photographers and the extensive use of the social media. The Bird Group will continue to use the social media to engage this group of bird photographers and members of the public by providing help in identification, sharing of interesting sightings, information and articles. Alan OwYong has kindly agreed to continue to take on the heavy responsibility of helming the various Facebook pages, blog ( The Bird Group had to thank to Francis Yap for setting these up) and Apps.  The Chairman would like to thank Alan for his support and contributions. In addition, the Bird Group will also look into reviving the publication – the IORA. This annual publication will continue to document all interesting bird sightings and reports. It has been and will continue to be invaluable to scientists, researchers and anyone who is interested to know more about the avifauna of Singapore.

In the regional and international scene, the Bird Group through the Society plans to continue to stay engaged with other like-minded organizations in the area of nature conservation and appreciation. As a local partner through the Society, the Bird Group will continue to participate and support international events organised by Birdlife International who has opened a regional office in Singapore. The Bird Group sees this as part of our contribution to the worldwide conservation movement.

Finally the Bird Group would like to say a BIG THANK-YOU to everyone who has supported the group all these years. The group look forward to your continued support.

Happy Birding!

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