The 2016 Bird Group Committee.



The first meeting of the 2016 Bird Group Committee on 20 Jan 2016. From left clockwise: Lim Kim Chuah, Alfred Chia, Gerard Francis, Sutari Supari, Lim Kim Seng, Tan Gim Choeng, Lee Ee Ling, Wing Chong and Willie Foo. Absent: Yong Ding Li and Wong Chung Cheong,

The Bird Group is glad to announce the office bearers of the 2016 Committee to be headed by Lim Kim Chuah as the new Chairman. Former Chair, Wing Chong is stepping down after three successful years. This is in accordance with the constitution of the Nature Society (Singapore). Wing Chong will assume the role of Vice-chairman to continue to support and guide the group. Three long time stewards Lim Kim Keang, Ho Hua Chew and Alan OwYong have also opted to step down from the committee. However they will continue to interact and liaise with government authorities and agencies on behalf of the group. Most of the current committee members will stay on with more defined roles to better share the many activities and programs that have been or are being planned.

The 2016 Office Bearers are:

  1. Chairman                         Lim Kim Chuah
  2. Vice-chairman                Wing Chong
  3. Secretary/Regional Rep. Willie Foo
  4. Program Officer              Lee Ee Ling
  5. Adviser                             Alfred Chia
  6. Member (RC Chair)         Lim Kim Seng
  7. Member (Scientific)        Yong Ding Li
  8. Member (Raptor Group) Tan Gim Cheong.
  9. Member (Social)              Sutari Supari
  10. Member (Outreach)        Wong Chung Cheong.

The Chairman and the Bird Group wish to thank Tan Ju Lin and Ali Jaffar for their invaluable contribution and past services to the group. The group look forward to their continued support outside the committee.

“The Bird Group understands that the local birding scene is changing and continues to morph. There has been an exponential increase in the number of bird photographers and the extensive use of the social media. The Bird Group will continue to use the social media to engage this group of bird photographers and members of the public by providing help in identification, sharing of interesting sightings, information and articles.”

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