Adaptive feeding behavior of the Asian Brown Flycatcher.


I commented in Kim Seng’s post on SG Big Year Birders Facebook page on how many birds were seen for the first few days of 2016. ” I had one so far, an Asian Brown Flycatcher at a bbq at 8 pm on the 2nd”.  Chung Cheong was quick with this witty reply “Why bbq a ABFC? Not much meat. Chicken wing is better“Ha ha!

Thanks Chung Cheong, the chicken wings were good. I was attending a friend’s outdoor BBQ at an open town park at Woodlands. It was late in the night when we expect most birds have retired to their roost for the day. Someone noticed a small brown bird perched at the tip of the Alstonia scholaris tree on the right above the blue bin. It was an Asian Brown Flycatcher, Muscicapa dauurica, a common winter visitor. It made repeated flying loops towards the bright lamp on the left. On closer look, there were some insects buzzing around in front of the lamp. The flycatcher was having its own buffet with the many insects attracted to the light.

The flycatcher must have been attracted to the daylight lighting of the lamp. It need to fuel up during its short stay here. Irrespective of the habitat and time, it seemed to adapt its feeding behavior to take advantage of the opportunity offered. I wonder if any other species does this? Bird behavior have always been recorded and noted by birders for decades. Before the era of social media the avenues for sharing such behavior are not so pervasive.

Photo: Lim Kim Keang.




2 thoughts on “Adaptive feeding behavior of the Asian Brown Flycatcher.

  1. Elijah Lim

    I would assume that most birds and other fauna would adapt to some degree. Did anyone see the short video of the swimming eagle in America? Also, white-tailed deer have been observed eating the occasional fish, not quite what you’d expect. Nice photos here on SBG, thanks for sharing them, and the knowledge as well!



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