Preview – 10 new species to the Bird Group Checklist.

Since the launch of the iOS NSS Birds App on 26th May 2012, the Bird Group’s Records Committee had accepted 10 new species to the “Birds of Singapore” Checklist. Three of these species were recorded during the Pelagic surveys carried out jointly by NParks and the Bird Group. These ten species will be added to the upcoming Android version of the “NSS Bird Guide” due for launch by the end of the year. Here is a preview of these species.

The Bird Group wish to thank all those who sent in their records to the Records Committee for acceptance. We are using these photos for the app, some of which were taken outside Singapore and not necessary at the time of the sightings.

98 Mountain Imperial Pigeon Con Foley
Mountain Imperial Pigeon. First reported 13.10.96. It was accepted but not in Category A. First photographed and reported on 11.11.2012 by Barindra Sana and Tan Hang Chong at Pulau Ubin. Photo: Con Foley.
Lesser Adjutant. First reported by Lim Kim Seng on 2.10.2010 at SBWR. There were several previous reports which were accepted but not in Cat A. Photo: Alan OwYong.
247 Short-tailed Shearwater Michelle & Peter Wong
Short-tailed Shearwater. Con Foley/NParks Pelagic Survey 14.5.2011 Straits of Singapore. Photo: Michelle and Peter Wong.
Heuglin's Gull
Heuglin’s Gull. Bird Group Pelagic Survey 20.11.2011. Photo: Francis Yap.
Red-footed Booby
Red-footed Booby. 13.5.14 Bird Group Pelagic Survey/Lim Kim Seng and Francis Yap. Photo: Francis Yap.
316 Black and White Bulbul Con Foley
Black-and-white Bulbul. First photographed and reported by Francis Yap 29.5.2012. at Jelutong Tower. Photo: Con Foley.
Asian Openbill. First photographed by Pun Kin Hong identified by Tan Kok Hui at Kranji Marshes. Photo: Lee Tiah Khee.
20 Woodpecker, Buff-rumped M Con Foley
Buff-rumped Woodpecker. First reported by Yong Ding Li on 20.10.2012 at CCNR. Accepted but not in Cat A. Second report by Lim Kim Seng on 20.8.2013. Photo: Con Foley.
269 Black-Winged Flycatcher-Shrike Con Foley
Black-winged Flycatcher-shrike. First photographed and reported by Francis Yap at Jelutong Tower on 23 August 2013.. Photo: Con Foley.
Band-bellied Crake. First photographed and reported by Lee Tiah Khee 28.2.2014. Photo: Lee Tiah Khee..


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