Mating Woodpeckers attacking its image

Mating Woodpeckers attacking its image.


The Rain Tree outside my balcony has become the mating ground for this pair of Common Goldenbacks. They will come over in the mornings and start calling each other from different branches. Then they will fly to their favourite perch and start their mating rituals. First they will both turned their heads skywards and start rolling the heads around. Then they will approach each other nodding their heads.  One will move up the branch followed by the other.


As an added drama, the male saw his reflection on the window and flew over to confront it. It kept flying from branch to window trying to chase his assumed rival away. Surprisingly the female joined in as well. They gave up after a while when they see that the image was not moving and continued with their courtship. I have observed this behavior with the Crimson Sunbirds pecking on my car’s side mirrors to protect their surroundings.

Common Goldenback M

Male Common Goldenback with its bright red crest.


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