Where have all the migrants gone?

File photo: Lesser Sand Plover with Broad-billed Sandpiper

File photo: Lesser Sand Plover with Broad-billed Sandpiper

We are all geared up to tick off the migrants but it is all quiet except for the usual suspects.
Some shorebirds would normally turned up at our mudflats during the first week of July. Whimbrels should be the first to arrive followed the Common Redshanks and Common Sandpipers. But they did not appear until the latter part of July. However the Lesser Sand and Grey Plovers first seen by Kim Keang at Pulau Ubin on 28th July was very close to their usual arrival date. Barn Swallows are always the first passerine migrants to arrive. We have records of them arriving as early as 6th July. This year Kim Seng had the privilege to see them flying over the Jelutong Towers and another two at the Kranji Marshes on 21th July,  They were two weeks late. We have to wait for almost a month before KC Chan photographed another passerine migrant, a female Grey Wagtail at the Japanese Gardens. I remembered seeing lots of Asian Paradise Flycatchers by early August but so far there were no sightings of any flycatchers. The good news is that Con have seen the Siberian Blue Robin, Yellow-rumped and Brown-streaked Flycatchers at Fraser’s Hill during the past two days. They should be coming down this week or so. You can help by reporting the sightings in Wildbirdsingapore e-forum and the FB birding groups.  Many thanks and happy migrant hunting all.

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